Abbey Lent

2017 Inner City Law Center Fellow

Abbey Lent is a third year law student at the University of Michigan Law School. Abbey’s passion for assisting underserved populations brought her to Inner City Law Center in Los Angeles this past summer where she worked on VA disability benefits cases and discharge upgrades for homeless woman veteran clients. While working at ICLC, she navigated the bureaucratic intricacies of the Department of Veterans Affairs, learned how to best work with clients’ doctors and care providers in order to ensure the best outcomes for them, and committed herself to serving the brave individuals who chose to serve their country. Prior to ICLC, Abbey worked at Legal Services of South Central Michigan representing low-income individuals and families in wrongful eviction cases and public benefits claims. She is a student attorney in her law school’s Michigan Innocence Clinic, where she investigates the claims of incarcerated individuals and represents clients who have new evidence supporting their innocence in post-conviction proceedings.