Anastacia Son

2021 BRO Scholarship Recipient

Anastacia Son is a first year student at the University of California, San Diego and will be majoring in political science, specifically comparative politics. In high school, Anastacia discovered her leadership potential as she quickly rose to hold the position of team captain on both the swimming and water polo teams. Driven by her interest in statistics and mathematical modeling, Anastacia entered the Modeling The Future Math Challenge, in which she authored a report, to be published in the International Journal of High School Research, on the effects of climate change on the soybean farming industry. The research she executed during this competition exposed her to the pivotal role that politics plays in devising solutions to the complex challenges that face the future generations. With her newfound interest in political science, she began to intern for a local Congressman and also enrolled in an Intro to Law course at her local community college. These collective experiences, along with the WLALA Power Lunch program, led Anastacia to discover her aspirations to become a lawyer who employs her knowledge at a think tank or the United Nations to create policies that address alarming global issues such as climate change. As she opens a new chapter of life in college, Anastacia, will continue playing an active role in her local communities as she strives to reach her goal to become a lawyer who is propelled to take a proactive role in promoting social justice.