President's Message

Jennifer Leland
WLALA President 2019-2020

August 2020

It’s a wrap! It is hard to believe, but WLALA’s Board year is over. On August 16, the 2020-2021 Board of Governors and the Executive Committee will be sworn in and kick off WLALA’s 101st year. The year certainly took a turn that no one could have predicted, but WLALA continues to move forward and through it, and grow as a result. I could not be more proud. This past year our membership increased to over 1200 members, we expanded our social media presence and created a Facebook networking page, put on 34 programs and events (with seven more scheduled this month), joined five amicus briefs advancing women’s issues, and have increased our outreach efforts to make WLALA a more inviting and diverse organization.

It has been such an honor to serve as WLALA’s President. Thank you to those who encouraged me to join the Board all those years ago and to run for the Executive Committee. Thank you to the leaders of WLALA who came before me and showed me examples of effective leadership. Thank you to this year’s Board and members of the Executive Committee – Jessica Kronstadt, Mary McKelvey, Janet Hong, Noelle Natoli and Jeannine Taylor – for showing up and sharing your ideas, opinions, passions, time and talents. You have all left a mark on me. I know that you will not only continue the work we have begun but will make creative and impactful changes to advance WLALA’s mission. Thank you to Kay and Janelle for answering all of my emails no matter the time or day and keeping me organized. And last, but not least, thank you to WLALA’s members and sponsors for your support. We would not be here without you! I look forward to when we can all gather again in-person. In the meantime, stay safe.