President’s Message – October 2022

President’s Message -October 2022 Janet Hong On Latine Heritage Month Janet Hong  WLALA President 2022-2023 Artwork appears due to express permission of the artist. Mural entitled “Generational Continuity,” by Pola Lopez, […]

President’s Message – September 2022

President’s Message – September 2022 Janet Hong On Access to Justice Janet Hong WLALA President 2022-2023 When I first joined WLALA, I was unsure if this organization was for me. […]

President’s Message – August 2022

President’s Message – August 2022 Passing the Torch Mary McKelvey WLALA President 2021-2022 Thank you WLALA for allowing me to serve as President this year. The experience has been rich […]

President’s Message – July 2022

President’s Message – July 2022 The Dawning of a Dark Era Mary McKelvey WLALA President 2021-2022 It is hard to grasp the enormity of the Dobbs decision issued just one […]

President’s Message – June 2022

President’s Message – June 2022 Freedom Mary McKelvey WLALA President 2021-2022 I am intrigued by people who live their lives in service of an ideal greater than themselves, and by […]

President’s Message – May 2022

President’s Message – May 2022 Matters of the Mind… Mental Health Matters Mary McKelvey WLALA President 2021-2022 Mental Health Awareness Month is recognized every year to normalize talking about mental […]

President’s Message – April 2022

President’s Message – April 2022 Dignity and Grace – Hon. Ketanji Brown Jackson Mary McKelvey WLALA President 2021-2022 (right) Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson takes her seat as she arrives prior to […]