Clara Perez

2021 RBG Scholarship Recipient

Ms. Perez is entering her third year at Loyola School of Law this fall.  After college, Ms. Perez volunteered as an English teacher for a year at Safe Passage, a school dedicated to providing a progressive education to children living near the city’s garbage dump in Guatamala City, Guatamala.  This experience solidified her commitment to serve children in vulnerable communities in the Los Angeles area where she grew up.


Ms. Perez served as a summer extern for the Children’s Law Center in Los Angeles after her first year of law school, and as a certified law clerk for Loyola’s Juvenile Justice Law Clinic during her second year.  During law school, she has also been active as a Community Chair for La Raza de Loyola, Speaker Coordinator for the Young Lawyers Program, and Board Member for Reproductive Justice Los Angeles.  This summer, Ms. Perez will be working for the Los Angeles Public Defender’s Office, East LA Office, and wishes to eventually pursue a career as a public defender advocating for juvenile justice.