Cortney Cortez

2014 Public Interest Grant Recipient

Ms. Cortez is entering her third year at Loyola Law School this fall.  Ms. Cortez’ interest in immigration law started in high school, after she witnessed how ordinances passed by the City of Escondido had a direct adverse effect on undocumented immigrants.  Ms. Cortez’ focus on immigration issues paved the way for her ability to assist women in need.  Ms. Cortez began working for the Home Base Immigration Clinic (“Home Base”) this year where she has interacted with many young undocumented women who are victims of domestic abuse.  Specifically, Ms. Cortez worked with a 27 year old woman who endured over 10 years of domestic violence.  During the course of the representation, Ms. Cortez empowered her client to take pride in her self-worth while ensuring her immigration status did not remain in jeopardy.   Ms. Cortez will continue working for Home Base in the upcoming school year.  This summer, Ms. Cortez is working for the Immigration Court in Los Angeles.