Diana Flores

2018 BRO Scholarship Recipient

Ms. Flores is currently a first-year university student. She graduated from a law magnet high school which allowed her to explore a career in the law. While in that program, she participated in various events such as a law mentor program, field trips to courts and legal firms, and in law-related classes. One of the field trips consisted of going to the power lunch program where she was inspired by the amount of women who were successful lawyers and even judges to pursue her career in the law. There Ms. Flores met with different judges who gave her the chance to shadow them and learn more about what goes on in their courtroom. Apart from that, Ms. Flores was given an incredible opportunity to intern at the East LA Courthouse this past summer and was able to observe legal proceedings and speak with judges on cases she observed. She hopes to help better the world and in order to do so, needs to observe and learn from the leaders of today to become one of the leaders of tomorrow. Ms. Flores wishes to become a criminal lawyer and help those that are misrepresented in the courtroom and to give them a chance at a fair trial and not be wrongfully incarcerated.