Hannah Lazarz

2018 RBG Scholarship Recipient

Ms. Lazarz is entering her second year at UCLA School of Law this fall.  Ms. Lazarz’s interest in issues affecting children, especially those with disabilities, became evident in college.  During college, Ms. Lazarz started teaching at Backlight Productions, a local theater that gave actors with disabilities an arena to be heard and recognized.  Based upon such experience, Ms. Lazarz became a peer mentor with Next Steps at Vanderbilt, which provided tutoring and social skills development for students with disabilities.  Concurrently, Ms. Lazarz conducted research at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center on peer mentor relationships in programs like Next Steps, and worked at the Special Education Advocacy Center, where she wrote articles concerning the law affecting special needs students. 

During law school, Ms. Lazarz has expanded her involvement with issues affecting children to those affecting parents as well.  Since September 2017, Ms. Lazarz has been volunteering with the Central American Resource Center, specifically the Violence Against Women Act & U-Visa Project.  Ms. Lazarz has also been volunteering for the Landlord-Tenant Clinic at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, where she assists in resolving issues facing low-income tenants. 

This summer, Ms. Lazarz will be working for the Children’s Law Center of California, with children in dependency court.  She hopes to continue to pursue a public interest legal position involving children’s law after law school.