President's Message

Jennifer Leland
WLALA President 2019-2020

January 2020

Happy New Year! Wherever you rang in 2020, I hope it was joyous. The end of one year and the beginning of the next is always a time for reflection but this year we end one decade and begin the next with renewed passion and vigor. WLALA has always been a force for positive change in our profession but we are also here to make your personal resolutions come true too. This year on my list of resolutions (again) is being more physically active. Fortunately, WLALA is kicking off the new decade with a fitness event. Julia Baggish, fitness instructor and private trainer, will teach you the basics of fitness boxing. So, if you also have “make more time for exercise” or “try something new” on your list of new year’s resolutions – or even if you don’t – join us on January 11 at Sanctuary Fitness in downtown Los Angeles for a one of a kind exercise class.

Another resolution everyone should have is embracing the importance and need for diversity and inclusion, professionally and socially. On January 29, WLALA’s Diversity Committee is putting on a program called How Allies Can Support All Women in the Law: An All Perspectives Discussion on Upping the Ante on Diversity. Invite your colleagues and friends for an important discussion of why and how allies play a role in diversity and inclusion.

Want to give back more to your community this year? WLALA has that covered too – become a mentor to another attorney or a law student. Every month, our Career Mentoring Committee organizes monthly dinners for WLALA members to facilitate mentor relationships between less experienced and more experienced lawyers. WLALA also needs attorney mentor volunteers for its Law Student Mentoring Program. The program is flexible and lets you choose how to stay connected with your mentee, whether it is through email, telephone calls or in-person meetings. Another opportunity to give back is volunteering with our Domestic Violence Project in Santa Monica. If you are interested in any of these mentoring or volunteer opportunities, visit WLALA’s website for more information.

I am also excited to announce that WLALA has created a members-only Facebook page so keep an eye out for an invitation to join. I am looking forward to seeing this group grow and engage with one another in 2020 and beyond.