Jeanette Alvarez-Webster

2013 Public Interest Grant Recipient

Ms. Alvarez-Webster is a student of the University of West Los Angeles Law School.  Ms. Alvarez-Webster works for BASTA, Inc. full-time during the day and attends law school at night.  Ms. Alvarez-Webster was drawn to BASTA because of her own family’s experiences.  BASTA, Inc. is a non-profit organization that helps tenants facing eviction and those living in substandard conditions in Los Angeles.  BASTA is one of only a few organizations that offer legal services to tenants at low cost.  Moreover, BASTA is unique in that it does not receive government funds—hence, BASTA is able to help clients without restrictions.  Many of BASTA’s clients are single mothers living with their children.  Being able to fight her clients’ evictions as well as compel landlords to repair unbearable living conditions has been rewarding for Ms. Alvarez- Webster and has solidified her goal to obtain a law degree.