California Department of Justice

The Land Use and Conservation Section provides the opportunity to work on matters of critical importance to the State. The section’s practice includes enforcing state housing laws, ensuring public access to California’s waterways, mountains, and open space through litigation and client advice; conservation and expansion of state parks and other public lands for recreation and ecological protection; and protecting against wildfire risk. The section’s attorneys are experienced in laws pertaining to environmental land use and natural resource regulation (including CEQA), real property, the California Coastal Act, the public trust doctrine, oil and gas development, housing, and administrative procedure. The section represents a variety of agencies including the Department of Housing and Community Development, the Department of Parks and Recreation, the State Lands Commission, the Delta Stewardship Council, the High-Speed Rail Authority, California’s land conservancies, the California Coastal Commission, and the Department of Conservation. Desirable qualifications include excellent legal research and writing skills and experience with all phases of litigation. The successful candidate will litigate all phases of cases in California and federal courts and will render legal advice on an ongoing basis to all clients and to the Attorney General.

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