California Department of Justice

The Division of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse (DMFEA) investigates and prosecutes, both criminally and civilly, healthcare providers who defraud the Medi-Cal program and those who abuse or neglect elderly and dependent adults in care facilities.  Within DMFEA, the Facilities Enforcement Team plays a unique and critically important role in ensuring the safety and care of elderly and dependent persons residing in nursing homes and other long term care facilities by prosecuting allegations involving systemic fraud, abuse, and neglect in criminal and civil state court actions.  As a member of the Facilities Enforcement Team, this Deputy Attorney General position is part of a vertical prosecution unit where prosecutors work closely with the Division’s special agents and investigative auditors, advising on the development of investigative plans, reviewing search warrants and arrest warrants, and determining whether to file a criminal or civil enforcement action.  The DAG then litigates the criminal or civil prosecution from filing to conviction and sentencing or settlement.  The unit emphasizes the critical work of establishing criminal and civil liability of owners, operators, and controlling entities of adult residential care facilities, including corporate liability for business practices that risk or cause harm to residents (Business & Professions section 17200).  The DAG is expected to perform a variety of complex legal and other research, and stay up to date in the rapidly changing fields of health care law, elder law, and electronic evidence.  The DAG will work collaboratively with multi-disciplinary teams of nurses, doctors, auditors, special agents, and others in conducting investigations and litigating cases, and will also work with regulatory and executive agencies which may take administrative actions concurrent with our investigations.  The DAG position will be responsible for cases statewide and will be required to travel throughout California.

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