Los Angeles City Attorney's Office

OPENING: There is an immediate opening in the Land Use Division of the Housing, Land Use & Real Property Branch for attorneys with experience working with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

SECTION: The Land Use Division is responsible for advising and defending the City on all matters in the planning, zoning and building and safety areas of the law. Attorneys in the Division advise the Departments of City Planning and Building and Safety, and decision makers on land use and building and safety matters, including the City Council, the City Planning Commission, Area Planning Commissions, the Board of the Department of Building and Safety and the Cultural Heritage Commission. Attorneys in the Division are
responsible for defending the City against litigation, in both federal and state courts, that challenges the City’s land use and building permit decisions and actions, including actions involving writs of mandate, civil rights, constitutional challenges, and CEQA. Attorneys also draft ordinances involving amendments to the Zoning and Planning Code, general and specific plans, moratoriums and building and safety regulations.

To apply for this job please visit wlala.org.