The California Department of Justice

The Division of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse (DMFEA) investigates and prosecutes, both criminally and civilly, healthcare providers who defraud the Medi-Cal program and those who abuse or neglect elderly and dependent adults in care facilities.

This DMFEA Deputy Attorney General position prosecutes complex criminal cases in state court involving (1) fraud committed against the Medi-Cal program by doctors, pharmacies, medical equipment suppliers, and the rest of the full range of Medi-Cal providers, and (2) criminal abuse and neglect of elders and dependent adults in skilled nursing and other residential care facilities.

DMFEA is a vertical prosecution unit, where prosecutors work closely with in-house special agents and investigative auditors. This position advises DMFEA’s investigators on their investigative plans, reviews search and arrest warrants, and determines charges to bring. The position is then responsible for the criminal prosecution, from filing through conviction and sentencing.

Additional duties include: prosecution of crimes involving diversion of opioids and other controlled prescription drugs; regular collaboration with the state agencies responsible for administering Medi-Cal and regulating residential care facilities; close interaction with healthcare experts to identify the relevant standards of care in the industry and determine any breach of those standards; frequent work with forensic experts, including computer forensic examiners, coroners, and forensic auditors; freezing and forfeiting assets; and close work with DMFEA’s federal and local law enforcement partners in California, and occasional work with Attorney General offices and other law enforcement in other states.

This position requires the ability to travel for court proceedings, sometimes overnight and on occasion for extended duration, and for meetings with colleagues, witnesses, and outside partners.

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