The California Department of Justice

The Health Quality Enforcement Section (HQE) seeks experienced litigation attorneys to represent state agencies in administrative cases against the licenses of dangerously negligent and incompetent medical professionals, including physicians, psychologists, and other health care practitioners.  HQE is committed to consumer protection, public safety, and health care law on behalf of the Attorney General and the State of California.

Duties include:

  • Representing client agencies in all aspects of administrative licensing proceedings, superior court writs, and appeals
  • Handling all aspects of injunctive proceedings, requests for bail restrictions and sentencing recommendations in criminal court, general civil litigation involving medical licensing boards, and specialized proceedings such as subpoena enforcement actions
  • Drafting accusations and other pleadings
  • Working closely with investigators, expert witnesses, and patients in preparing matters for vigorously contested hearings
  • Working closely with representatives of client agencies to negotiate settlements that protect the public
  • Advising client agencies on expert and/or consultant needs and strategy
  • Providing training to agency staff
  • Analyzing complex medical records and expert reports


Selected deputies serve as liaisons to HQE client agencies and assist the section in programmatic and public policy issues. Deputies are expected to work under time constraints, client and department guidelines, and to abide by ethical and professional standards.  Some travel within the state is required.

HQE’s work is sensitive, subject to intense scrutiny, and calculated to protect health care consumers.

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