The California Department of Justice

The mission of the Worker Rights and Fair Labor Section is to protect the welfare of California workers and maintain a level playing field for legitimate businesses
operating in the State. The Section is particularly focused on addressing systemic business practices that undermine the working conditions of California’s most vulnerable
low-wage workers. The Section conducts both civil and criminal investigations and prosecutions to combat unlawful employment practices including, but not limited to,
wage theft, independent contractor misclassification, unsafe working conditions, payroll tax evasion, and workers’ compensation insurance fraud. The Section also
engages in legal advocacy to support legal and policy developments to advance worker protections and encourage employer accountability.

Working under the direction of a Supervising Deputy Attorney General and the Senior Assistant Attorney General, Deputy Attorneys General in the Section engage in a
broad array of work, including, potentially: identifying and investigating unscrupulous employers and industries; developing novel legal strategies to effectively combat
exploitative employment practices; pursuing civil litigation and/or criminal prosecution to enforce labor standards and other workplace laws; authoring amicus briefs or
comments on federal regulations involving topics affecting workers; monitoring proposed legislation regarding labor and employment matters; engaging with the public,
worker advocates, and other stakeholders regarding working conditions; and providing advice and counsel to the Attorney General and other state agencies and officials
on sensitive and high-profile matters related to the welfare of workers.

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