Judicial Evaluation Forms

The Appointive Office Committee conducts evaluations of candidates for judicial and other legal-related positions. The ratings range fall within five categories, ranging from “Exceptionally Well-Qualified” to a “Not Qualified”. The process starts with an application to the Committee and culminates in a personal interview. Prior to the interview, the Committee sends out written questionnaires to references provided by the applicant. At least 30 written evaluations must be received by the Committee before an interview will be scheduled. WLALA has had a great track record in assisting qualified judicial applicants to be appointed. CLICK HERE to see the Procedures of WLALA Concerning the Evaluation of Applicants for the Judicial Office. CLICK HERE to print the Request for Evaluation for Judicial Office.  CLICK HERE to submit your Request for Evaluation for Judicial Office online. CLICK HERE to submit your Request for Evaluation for Elective Office online. For more information, please contact the Committee chair.