Julianna Gesiotto

2020 RBG Scholarship Recipient

Ms. Gesiotto is entering her second year at Loyola Law School this fall.  Ms. Gesiotto has a degree in Women’s Studies from the University of Maryland.  She demonstrated her dedication to women’s issues during that time by serving as an editor for the weekly newsletter for the Women’s Studies department and volunteering for the university’s sexual assault prevention student group.  During her gap year, Ms. Gesiotto was the Coordinator for the President’s Office of the National Organization of Women (NOW) in Washington D.C.  Ms. Gesiotto’s tasks at NOW included planning rallies and conferences, and hiring and supervising interns.  Ms. Gesiotto worked this summer at the Los Angeles Center for Law & Justice, an organization that provides free legal services for low-income survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and she plans to pursue a civil rights litigation position after graduation from law school.  Ms. Gesiotto’s prior work and future plans demonstrate her commitment to fight for better policies around sexual assault and to advance women’s rights.