Molly Frandsen

2015 Public Interest Grant Recipient

Molly Frandsen is a second year law student at UC Berkeley School of Law. She earned her undergraduate degrees in Feminist Studies and Spanish with a minor in Labor Studies from UC Santa Barbara.


For her Senior Honors Thesis, Molly used her experience interning at the Service Employees International Union Local 620, as a case study exploring whether public sector unions provide a successful model for the advancement of work-family legislation. Before law school, Molly worked as a paralegal at Altshuler Berzon, LLP, a San Francisco law firm that specializes in labor and employment, environmental, constitutional, campaign and election, and civil rights law. At UC Berkeley School of Law, Molly has been gaining deeper workers’ rights insights as a counselor and then Director of the Berkeley Workers’ Rights Clinic, and as an editor of the Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law.


In summer 2015, Molly clerked with the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center (LAS-ELC), a nonprofit, legal services organization that promotes the stability of low-income workers and their families. Molly worked in the LAS-ELC’s Work & Family and Gender Equity & LGBT Rights Program. Specifically, Molly worked with the Fair Play for Girls in Sports project that works to ensure girls in grades K-12, particularly girls of color and those in low-income areas, have equal opportunities to participate in school and community sports and to reap the lifelong rewards of athletic involvement, which include earning higher wages in the workforce. 


Working with Fair Play, Molly created a know-your-rights video that targets elementary, middle, and high school girls and their families, teachers, coaches and advocates, to ensure that K-12 girls are informed of their rights under Title IX and under California’s AB 2404, the Fair Play in Community Sports Act. She hopes that the video will empower girls to understand and exercise their rights. To watch the video, please visit