President's Message - August 2022

Passing the Torch

Mary McKelvey

WLALA President 2021-2022

Thank you WLALA for allowing me to serve as President this year. The experience has been rich and rewarding and has allowed me to grow as a leader, lawyer, decision maker and woman. 

WLALA has immense power as an organization and the responsibility is shared by all of us to continue to evolve it to its potential.  WLALA has great capacity to nurture and develop women leaders and we continue to embrace that objective more consciously going forward.

I have learned that leadership is about having a vision and inspiring others to help create it—and that this is not always easy.  The goal during my tenure was to move the needle a bit in the direction of change for greater good.  I have done what I can, have learned much from my mistakes, and relinquish my role as President a wiser woman for the experience.  

On that note, I am particularly grateful to the women who have shared their wisdom through their words and especially through their actions during this past year.  I have learned about leading with vulnerability by those who have demonstrated this and about what true service to an organization looks like from those who work tirelessly behind the scenes performing the less glamorous work. I have learned about true courage and authenticity from so many of you. Importantly, I have experienced on a whole new level the value of remaining teachable. 

I also recognize that leadership is about supporting other women in their leadership roles.  Fortunately for me, that is an easy practice at the moment as I could not be more delighted to pass the torch to Janet Hong, a courageous warrior who brings fresh vision and ideals to our beloved organization.  I am also thrilled to welcome Brigit Greeson Alvarez to the WLALA Executive Committee.  She is one of those unique women who has achieved that powerful harmonization of strength and softness – toughness and tenderness – and embodies them in a very special way.    

Thank you WLALA Executive Committee and the Board for this year and for the many experiences and connections that are etched in my heart in countless snapshot moments. I look forward to serving WLALA and the women leaders it continues to develop for many years to come.

Yours In Gratitude,

Mary McKelvey
President, Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles