Conference of California Bar Associations Virtual Conference

September 2020

Have you ever thought, “this law should be changed or amended,” or “it should not exist at all?”  Have you ever thought “there ought to be a law about this” but when you researched the appropriate legal authorities, you found no law existed that addressed the topic you researched?  Do you enjoy debating policy and the law as well as meeting interesting people from across the state? 

If so, now is your chance to get involved by attending the Conference of California Bar Associations annual Conference on Saturday, September 26, 2020.  Because of COVID-19, it will be a one-day virtual video conference for the low price of $25.00. To register for the Conference go to

CCBA is a group of attorneys from local, specialty, and affinity bar associations across the state, that are focused on improving California’s laws. During the Conference, the various bar associations debate revisions and amendments to California law called “resolutions.”  Once a resolution is passed by the Conference, CCBA takes the resolution to the State Legislature or California Judicial Council to find a sponsor and hopefully get the resolution passed into law.  To see the resolutions that will be debated at this year’s Conference go to CCBA’s website at 

If you are curious about the Conference, this is a great year to attend because it is only one day, you can attend from the comfort of your own living room. This year’s honorees will be:

retiring California Supreme Court Associate Justice Ming W. Chin, who is the Supreme Court’s first Chinese American justice and its longest serving member.

California Assemblymember Jay Obernolte, who represents the 33rd State Assembly District.

In addition, WLALA Board member Shaun Dabby Jacobs will be sworn in for a second term as Chief Financial Officer of the organization.

If you have ideas for legislation or would like to learn more about the CCBA, please contact Shaun Dabby Jacobs at or go to

The WLALA delegation looks forward to seeing you virtually at the Conference on September 26, 2020.