Tussanee Reedboon

2022 RBG Scholarship Recipient

Ms. Reedboon is entering her second year at UC Hastings this fall.  As a child of immigrants of Thai descent, Ms. Reedboon began her work in support of marginalized communities as a “social justice educator” after receiving a Master’s Degree in Urban Education from UCLA.  At Youth Build Charter School in Los Angeles, she taught students excluded from traditional schools because they had gone through the juvenile justice system or were challenged by familial obligations, substance abuse and housing uncertainty.  After ten years dedicated to providing an inclusive and equitable environment for her students, she wanted to have a greater impact on the socio-economic factors that made them struggle in her classroom. Ms. Reedboon turned to law school in order to advocate directly for low income populations.


This summer, Ms. Reedboon worked at the Los Angeles Alternate Public Defenders Office.  Upon graduation, she intends to serve her Los Angeles community by litigating on behalf of indigent individuals, especially those who are young, BIPOC, women/non-binary and queer.