Twila White

Labor & Employment

Twila S. White has been handling labor and employment cases for over two decades. She has tried several jury trials and arbitrations, and has handled numerous matters at the appellate level. It was at Thunderhead Ranch in Wyoming, at a trial college program established by Gerry Spence, where she began developing a deeper understanding of how to become a better trial lawyer. The Ranch unleashed a level of comfort and realness in front of a jury for Twila that she never knew she could have. If given a fair shake, without bias, outside interference or political influence, any righteous case can be won. In the seminal Johnson v. United Cerebral Palsy case, 173 Cal.App.4th 740 (2009), she was able to establish as a matter of law the admissibility of “me too” evidence, or “other victims of discrimination” evidence, in proving employment discrimination cases. This was a trailblazing opinion that has helped many workers and further developed California jurisprudence, long before the #MeToo Movement. Twila is proud of her contribution to this body of law. In her free time Twila enjoys bowling, roller skating, attending concerts and listening to live jazz music, and when she can travel as much as possible.