Ali Rubinfeld

2022 Public Interest Grant Recipient

Ali Rubinfeld is a rising 2L and Public Interest Scholar at Loyola Law School. As a 2022 WLALA Fran Kandel Fellow, she worked with the formerly incarcerated as a law clerk for Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles’ Restoring Communities/Measure H workgroup, which provides holistic legal services to formerly incarcerated people and individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Through the Kandel Fellowship, she created an accessible toolkit to connect formerly incarcerated people and people facing homelessness to vital resources throughout Los Angeles to provide food, mental and physical healthcare, housing, and clear pathways to employment. This resource helped connect people with the support they need to have the bandwidth to build stable and well lives.

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2011, Ali has been involved in public service and policy initiatives seeking to build transformative systems of care and reform our justice system. Through this volunteer work, she saw the vital role lawyers play in supporting organizers and ensuring access to life-affirming services for communities in need. 

Starting in the Fall, Ali will be working at Loyola’s Juvenile Institute and Fair Sentencing Clinic and a member of the Homeless Rights Advocacy Practicum. She will also be on the steering committee for National Lawyers Guild Loyola, and on the board for Loyola’s Public Interest Law Foundation and ACLU Loyola. 

Prior to law school, Ali was a set decorator for several Emmy nominated television series for ten years. She graduated from Emerson College in Boston cum laude with a degree in Film Production.