President's Message

Jeannine Taylor

WLALA President 2022-2023

President's Message, September 2023

Elevating the "Faith, Justice, and Power" of WLALA

With immense delight, I present the theme for our journey ahead – “Faith, Justice, Power.” It encapsulates our mission to rekindle faith in our justice system, harness the power of unity, and cultivate a just world.

WLALA’s longstanding reputation as a stronghold for justice, equality, and women’s empowerment drew me in. It’s a sanctuary for collective change, fueled by unwavering faith. I’m grateful to past President Janet Hong for her trailblazing leadership and acknowledge that I stand on the shoulders of remarkable women.

A shout out to our inspiring Executive Committee:

  • Noelle, a trusted counsel for many, and serves as an avid ally for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion;
  • Farah, who took a leap of faith and launched a flourishing solo practice amidst the pandemic;
  • Jennie, ascending to be WLALA’s first Taiwanese- or Chinese-American President;
  • Brigit, proudly leading her way to become our first Queer Latina President;
  • Leana, bringing her effusive joy and leadership experience as a former APAWLA President.


Our board recently came together for a private screening of Barbie, and related to the many ways that our feminine power shows up and is shaped by our diverse experiences and backgrounds. Just as Barbie discovered her strength, we have faith that our collective strength will be amplified by and through WLALA, advancing equality and fairness for all—making our version of Barbieland a reality.

The recent triumph of the U.S. women’s track team highlights the power of unity, passing the baton of progress from one to another. Sha’Carri Richardson’s redemption journey resonates with our theme. Her mantra “I’m not back, I’m better” showcases the potential within all of us. Picking up the baton myself, I am determined to build upon our legacy. With unwavering faith and collective power, we’ll shape a future embodying “Faith, Justice, Power.”

In unity and faith,

Jeannine Taylor
President, Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles



Inner City Law Center

Inner City Law Center (ICLC) fights for housing and justice for low-income tenants, working-poor families, immigrants, people who are disabled or living with HIV/AIDS, and homeless veterans.  As the only full-time legal-services provider located on Skid Row, ICLC advocates for equitable housing policies and provides legal services to prevent and end homelessness.

The Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles (WLALA) has not only served as a dedicated pro bono partner on ICLC’s housing work, but the WLALA Foundation has also sponsored WLALA fellows to work with ICLC’s Homeless Veterans Project on issues affecting women veterans, including those who have been victims of military sexual trauma, as well as with ICLC’s Preventing and Ending Homelessness Project, where they address a variety of legal issues that create barriers to stable housing.

These exceptional WLALA fellows have passionately worked alongside ICLC attorneys to reduce barriers to income and housing stability for Los Angeles County’s most vulnerable residents. 

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