President's Message

Janet Hong

WLALA President 2022-2023

President's Message, August 2023

Janet Hong Bids Farewell

My last message emphasized the importance of feeding the soul. Speaking of which, I just got back from surfing in Morocco. 

On my last morning in Imsouane – one of the longest breaks in Africa – there was a thick fog covering the water. Once we paddled out, we could see the swell. The first wave I caught I rode for almost a minute. It was truly magical.  As soon as I got back home I put on Point Break. I was shocked to hear one of the surfers say to Keanu, “Lawyers don’t surf.” Yes we do!

My trip was the perfect way to end such a wonderful, busy, and often intense, year as President. It was the greatest learning experience for me in leadership.

Thank you to the Board of Governors for putting on such amazing programs this year. Thank you to the Board of Governors and our membership for voting to pass the bylaws, which institutionalized our Equity, Belonging, and Anti-Racism (“EBAR”) committee. Thank you to our EBAR chairs Ariella Simonds and Meena Patel, and Mindy Gulati for your invaluable insight and advice throughout the year. I learned so much from all of you. I think we all learned so much from all of you! And also thank you and congratulations to WLALA Foundation President Jennifer Leland for doing an amazing job leading Foundation the last couple of years.

And a very special thank you to each member of the WLALA Executive Committee: Jeannine, Noelle, Farah, Jennie, and Brigit. I always address us as a team; this year above all was truly a team effort. We could not have made any meaningful progress without all your hard work and dedication. You all inspire me and I am so humbled and grateful that I could share time and space with each of you this year.

And finally, to my law school bestie, 911 emergency contact, ultimate wing woman and roll dawg for life, Ms. President-Elect Jeannine Taylor: thank you for always supporting me in everything that I do. You will lead this organization like the woman warrior you are and I cannot wait to see all the amazing things you will accomplish next year!

Janet Hong
President, Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles



Inner City Law Center

Inner City Law Center (ICLC) fights for housing and justice for low-income tenants, working-poor families, immigrants, people who are disabled or living with HIV/AIDS, and homeless veterans.  As the only full-time legal-services provider located on Skid Row, ICLC advocates for equitable housing policies and provides legal services to prevent and end homelessness.

The Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles (WLALA) has not only served as a dedicated pro bono partner on ICLC’s housing work, but the WLALA Foundation has also sponsored WLALA fellows to work with ICLC’s Homeless Veterans Project on issues affecting women veterans, including those who have been victims of military sexual trauma, as well as with ICLC’s Preventing and Ending Homelessness Project, where they address a variety of legal issues that create barriers to stable housing.

These exceptional WLALA fellows have passionately worked alongside ICLC attorneys to reduce barriers to income and housing stability for Los Angeles County’s most vulnerable residents.