Ananya Narayanan

2019 BRO Scholarship Recipient

Ananya Narayanan is a first year student at the University of California, Berkeley pursuing a double major in Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in Music. Throughout high school, she was actively involved with debate at her school, including holding leadership positions in her school’s Model United Nations program, speech and debate team, and Mock Trial team. Although her initial interest in law was piqued by her participation in Mock Trial, she has also participated in conferences for women in law, national court simulation conferences, and worked as a Court Operations Intern at the Bellflower Courthouse that allowed her to cultivate an interest in public policy and human rights. Ms. Narayanan has gained invaluable experience through her involvement in these clubs and events, through which she has been able to clarify her aspirations towards a career in law. While participating in internships and clubs Ms. Narayanan not only observed cases in court but also met and received the mentorship of women judges and attorneys who have given her the assurance to consider a career in law as a realistic goal. Ms. Narayanan hopes to follow their example in her career and create impact and change for the better in her community. She hopes to pursue a career in public interest law in the future, working to create change in social and economic policy to help disadvantaged communities.