Los Angeles City Attorney's Office

POSITION: Deputy City Attorney in the General Counsel Division of the Municipal Law Branch.

SECTION: The General Counsel Division serves as legal counsel to many of the City’s departments and offices, and advises City elected officials, commissioners, officers, and employees. Division attorneys serve as counsel to the City Council and its Committees, and to the majority of the City’s commissions and boards.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: In serving as general counsel for the City departments and offices, the attorneys in the Division provide oral and written advice on a myriad of issues, such as statutory and Constitutional interpretation and application (e.g., Ralph M. Brown Act, conflict of interest laws, election laws, the Public Records Act, First Amendment issues, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment issues), and liability assessment and risk management. The attorneys also review, edit, draft and negotiate contracts and other transactional documents, frequently involving highly complex transactions, as well as advise on all aspects of competitive procurement in advance of contract award. Further, the Division is responsible for the development and drafting of a majority of the ordinances prepared by the Office and is often required to prepare advisory opinions or legal memoranda on issues of significance to City policymakers. Additionally, the General Counsel Division assist on specialized litigation and administrative proceedings relating to City departments and City ordinances, open government laws.

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