President's Message - July 2023

Janet Hong on Feeding the Soul

Janet Hong 

WLALA President 2022-2023



I hope all of you are finally able to enjoy the summer now that the sun is out. I have been trying to soak in some vitamin D myself through surfing and cycling. Being outside doing some physical activity always brings me joy.

This month I choose to focus on joy. It’s too easy to feel down about what’s happening in the world and in our country. So, instead of only focusing on what schools can no longer do in the admissions process, or what businesses can now do against a protected class, or the hardship faced by students in debt and the effect that may have on their career choices, I choose to take a moment and think about what brings me joy. Joyfulness itself can be an act of resistance and protest in a tough world that too often perpetuates environments that cause harm. There is no question that these struggles will continue and that we must do our part in the struggle to achieve true equity and inclusion until they are so woven into our daily lives that these terms become obsolete. But today, and throughout this month, I hope we all find things that bring us joy.

So I will continue to paddle out. I will continue to ride my bike. I will do more pro bono work. I will spend more time with family. I will open my sunroof and turn up the volume when a favorite jam comes on. Because sometimes you just gotta feed the soul.

Janet Hong
President, Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles