Zoe Lillian

2019 Public Interest Grant Recipient

Zoë Lillian is a rising 2L at New York University School of Law. She graduated cum laude from Georgetown University in 2013. In between college and law school, Zoë became increasingly involved in reproductive justice and ultimately became a full-spectrum doula. As a Fran Kandel Fellow, Zoe is worked at the ACLU of Southern California’s LGBTQ, Gender Equity and Reproductive Justice Project on religious refusals, trans healthcare in prisons and sex work decriminalization. Her decision to work on a Know Your Lactation Rights project stems from her desire to counter the ways in which pregnancy and parenthood are used as tools to control and oppress women and GNC individuals. Her project focused on a rights awareness campaign regarding lactation rights, for students, employees, and people who are incarcerated and in detention facilities in Southern California. Zoe create model advocacy and policy letters that individuals can use if they feel their rights have been validated or if they seek to acquire lactation accommodations at work, in school, or in public accommodations. She is immensely grateful to WLALA for their encouragement in this endeavor and is glad to contribute to the destigmatization and support of breastfeeding parents.