Fighting Antisemitism Together

Fighting Antisemitism Together by Jessica Kronstadt Jewish communities are under attack.  Jews have experienced a very heightened level of fear as we watch virulent Antisemitic verbal attacks, online harassment, vandalism, […]

President’s Message – October 2022

President’s Message -October 2022 Janet Hong On Latine Heritage Month Janet Hong  WLALA President 2022-2023 Artwork appears due to express permission of the artist. Mural entitled “Generational Continuity,” by Pola Lopez, […]

President’s Message – August 2022

President’s Message – August 2022 Passing the Torch Mary McKelvey WLALA President 2021-2022 Thank you WLALA for allowing me to serve as President this year. The experience has been rich […]

Reproductive Rights Resources

REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS RESOURCES PAGE Joint Statement Regarding Dobbsby Asian Pacific American Women Lawyers Alliance, Beverly Hills Bar Association, Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, California Women Lawyers, Consumer Attorneys Association of […]

President’s Message – July 2022

President’s Message – July 2022 The Dawning of a Dark Era Mary McKelvey WLALA President 2021-2022 It is hard to grasp the enormity of the Dobbs decision issued just one […]

President’s Message – June 2022

President’s Message – June 2022 Freedom Mary McKelvey WLALA President 2021-2022 I am intrigued by people who live their lives in service of an ideal greater than themselves, and by […]

2022-2023 WLALA Board of Governors Application

2022-2023 WLALA and WLALA Foundation Board of Governors Application The application deadline is May 31, 2022 By submitting this application, I pledge to give voice and action to WLALA’s commitment […]

President’s Message – May 2022

President’s Message – May 2022 Matters of the Mind… Mental Health Matters Mary McKelvey WLALA President 2021-2022 Mental Health Awareness Month is recognized every year to normalize talking about mental […]